“Who’s Got Me?” is a 1930's-style show-in-a-show musical filled with toe-tapping tunes and spectacular dance sequences.  The fun begins when the Alexanders, a family of small-town cabaret performers, attract the interest of big-time Broadway producer Preston Fadham with their musical comedy about a family of cabaret performers who attract the interest of a big-time Broadway producer.  Complications ensue as the lives of the real-life actors intersect with the problems of their on-stage characters.


The Alexanders arrive in New York to begin rehearsals only to discover that Fadham has cast his untested daughter Darcy as the female lead.  Joe Alexander, who wrote and stars in “Who’s Got Me?” explodes.   Darcy overhears Joe and his brother making plans to work around the “no-talent, can’t sing a note, two-left feet, producer’s daughter” they expect.  Darcy, who in reality is exceptionally talented, decides to teach Joe a lesson about jumping to conclusions by living down to his expectations.  But her prank backfires and, before she can prove she’s more than just the producer’s daughter, Joe storms out and returns to the family’s cabaret in Peoria.


Will Joe follow in his father’s footsteps and allow stubbornness to end his budding musical theater career?  Will Preston Fadham remain in a job which is literally killing him?  Can Darcy save the show without giving up her starring role?  Misunderstandings multiply as the clock ticks down to opening night  . . .



2019 Mountain Community Theater's New Work Weekend

August 16-18, 2019 at the Veteran’s Memorial Building (“Vets Hall”) in Santa Cruz

In a nod to the throwback feel of our musical, this production will be held at the fully accessible 1930s Art Deco Chris G Matthews Hall in the historic Veteran’s Memorial Building in downtown Santa Cruz. MCT is proud to be bringing you this fun-filled staged reading in a building that has been a vital part of downtown Santa Cruz’s art and music history for more than 50 years.

Directed by Alaina Boys

Music Direction by Ben Dorfan

Musical Cafe's Fall 2016 Showcase

November 12-14 at The Piano Fight in San Francisco, CA. 

Directed by Kathie Kratochvil

Featuring Sutton Arabe, Gary Edwards, D.J. Fernandes, Alie Mac and Morgan Peters.


All I'm Asking Is A Chance -
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Rio by the Sea-O -
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Lonely at the Top -
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Latch on to Our Coattails -
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Takin' It Slow -
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